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Spectrum Tracer Services (STS) utilizes 3 different tracer techniques for different completion diagnostics. Currently, we have 28 water soluble tracers (FFIs), the most available on the market at this time.  This allows for additional unique identifiers when the fracture contains many stages, or when looking for communication between wells.  Oil soluble tracers (OST) are the latest technological advancement in our product line.  Spectrum's OSTs are a solid particulate, not a liquid.  We currently have 22 unique OSTs available, with several more in the development and testing stages.  Additionally, when it comes to evaluating proppant placement and/or perf cluster design, we provide the 3 standard RA tracers complemented by our logging services.

About STS

Spectrum Tracer Services (STS) is a provider of oilfield tracer chemicals and RA tracers with over a combined 90 years experience within the oil and gas industry.  President, Steve Faurot, P.E. has a background as a fracture design engineer along with expertise in tracer diagnostics with major service providers.  Our Vice-President, Dr. Jon LaRue, Ph.D., comes from a management, reservoir engineering, and operations background.

Currently, we have traced over 2000+ wells in 15 states and Canada.  Since 2010, we have been the industry leader in advancing downhole tracer technology.  Our unique patent pending products, combined with our continuing R&D efforts, place us in the vanguard of downhole completion diagnostics.  We continue to improve and expand our product base in order to provide oil and gas producers information they can use to improve their bottom line.  Test, don't guess!

Operating Areas

Spectrum Tracer Services is Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, along with its' state of the art tracer chemical manufacture and research facilities.


Sales Offices: Tulsa, OK
  Oklahoma City, OK
  Houston, Dallas, Midland, TX
  Denver, CO
District Offices:  Oklahoma City, OK
  Odessa, Corpus Christi, TX
  Billings, MT
  Morgantown, WV


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sales@spectrumtracer.com or 918-933-5653

Corporate Office

9111 E. Pine, Ste 104 Tulsa, OK 74115 Phone 918-933-5653 Fax 888-853-5653
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