Spectrum Tacer Services

Our Mission

Spectrum Tracer Services is an independent radioactive tracer and chemical tracer company determined to bring the best possible service at the best value to each and every customer.

Product and Design
We can design tracer applications to fit every clients’ needs. The gamma emitting particles allow the client to utilize their choice of Gamma Ray tools to identify created fracture and aid in determining proppant placement, fracture dimensions, and effectiveness of the stimulation treatment.

Our People
Steve Faurot, President, has 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry with 16 years specifically dedicated to tracer design and evaluation.

Our tracer field specialists, additionally, are experienced and certified with multiple years of oil and gas industry operations and service.

Our staff is committed to providing the full spectrum of superior service and outstanding performance generating true value for the customer. Experience it for yourself at Spectrum Tracer Services.

Steve Faurot
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Operations Office
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